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"The Hidden Cost of Everything"-Freakanomics and Unintended Consequences

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Another Perspective A Vital Portal Blog - Profiling the Austin Bomber

We found this article on the LinkedIn web site written by a former FBI Supervisory Agent. It is a nunaced analysis of the challenges law enforcement faces in the context of Black Lives Matter, the knee jerk reaction to foreign nationals involved in criminal acts and non-minorities being treated differently by the system and in the court of public opinion. That said read the attached article.

austin bomber another perspective

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From Black Lives Matter to Parkland

Before the Birth of America the struggle for equal treatment under the law has been relentless in the face of withering racism, sexual assault, gun violence, lynching, and on and on and on. The genesis of our unwavering citizen resistance has always been rooted in marginalized communities; because of our gender, race, ethnicity, country of origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation. At times citizens in our communities have had to stand alone and then there are times when we collectively realize that we must work together to overcome the challenges. The evolution of the digital, social media driven, gun violence resistance in its most current edition, is a step forward. #NeverAgain is rooted in #BlackLivesMatter and their inevitable merger catalyzed by digital content, has converted into real energy and is destined to overcome the poltical inertia and push politicians that have been monetized by an amoral corporatist complex. 50 years ago the Civil Rights, Voting Rights and the Anti-War Movements took to the streets, to stop a war started on false pretense and hobble a corrupt President. Its time for this generation, our children to do the same and tell us, enough. 

black lives matter parkland gun violence

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A Disturbing Piece of Legislation

We have posted a quote provided by a Daily Kos article that highlights a rider to the Re- Authorization of various Homeland Security powers allowing the following:

"Recently, the Republican House passed a Homeland Security bill with a rider that would allow Trump to send armed Secret Service agents to any polling place nationwide. 

In what world does this sound like a good idea? This isn’t simply just about ensuring the Secret Service can accompany protectees to the polls—that’s already allowed. This legislation would give Trump the unrestricted power to dispatch armed agents to polling places at will". 

Here is the link to an article posted on the CNN site.

This was an attempt to steal our election process. The Russia threat is real but this is a homegrown attack on our republican form of democracy. Trump must be stopped.

The bill will soon move on to a vote by the entire Senate and will then need to be reconciled with the House version that contains the troublesome provision before it will be sent to the president’s desk.

Here is the link to the Boston Globe article that broke the story last week.

We will contuinue to montor the Senate and House bill as it proceeds through Congress.

voter supperssion voter rights secret service polling stations legislation

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Chapter - 1 Big Data Who Owns It? A Guardian Technology Article

This article raises a serious question about the monetization of public assets for the benefit of private companies that do not always have our best interest in mind. This concern was top of mind given the Russian abuse of private social media platforms to influence our elections. The Russians altered the course of our electoral process and our media industry segments, Television, Radio, Social Media, Print News Organizations, etc. etc. etc. lined their pockets. They resold to us a tainted "narrative" leading to the election of Donald Trump as the President of the US via a marginal electoral college victory in three key states. Our critique regards media and their complicity not the political arguments of who we chose. Strangely enough, the political discussion is a distraction from the attack that occured. We are still reeling from the impact of a long slow vaporous assault on our communal sensibilities. The root cause of our dilemma is the financial exploitation of our personal data by unregulated technology tools that profit at our expense. The concept reviewed in the article is not unique but it is provocative and rooted in the deployment of public assets used for the commonweal. We have used the proposed solution before and maybe we should do it again. Who's life/data is it anyway? Click on the PDF link below to read the article.

big data social media news television tv radio politics trump russia

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Chapters 2 through 7 Cybersecurity , Infrastructure, Financial Impact and Election Systems

Our goverment was caught off guard because we as a nation and as a community operate in an open society in a hostile world, we are naively vulnerable. Our election systems, utilities, and personal lives are exposed to manipulation. We hope you find these articles an interesting read. Here is a link to Chapters 2-7 of this blog post.

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