BronzeLens Network Collaboration Site

What is needed to make the Vital Portal Media site; BronzeLens Network real?

  1. Draft Joint Marketing Agreement between BronzeLens Film Festival and Vital Inc. governing distrIbution of content between the parties.
    1. Spoke with KB tonight she will sign Joint Marketing Agreement and send for counter signature.
    2. Begin execution of filmmaker and customer recruitment communication plans links are below. 
  2. Draft Sponsorship Agreement governing distribution of revenues, expenses, liabilities and profits
    1. According to KB document sent to their attorney.
  3. Corporate Resolutions authorizing the creation of the Joint Venture and the Marketing Agreements from each partner - to be provided here
  4. Documents needed to support the items 1-3 above.
    1. all of the following documents are accessed using links shown below
      1. Project proposal - done and signed
      2. Project Charter - draft provided here
      3. Project Plan - to be provided here
      4. Communications Plans - filmmakers and customers; provided here
      5. financial projections
        1. portal projections
        2. partner projections
      6. resource documents
        1. vital portal media features
        2. industry streaming pay rates
        3. BLN Notes
      7. corporate capability statement and registrations - provided here
    2. documents and content needed from BLFF
      1. authorizations/releases from all parties to use content on the BLN web portals
        1. video content from past festivals with at least 480p definition
          1. interviews
          2. events
          3. trailers
          4. any films the BLFF has authority to exihbit as part of its agreements with past festival participants
        2. image content from past festivals with at least 1000x1000 pixel definition in jpeg format with narrative and identification of parties in the images
      2. csv excel spreadsheet file of point of contact information for filmmakers
    3. documents BLFF and Vital need to develop
      1. exhibition agreement between BLFF/Vital and Filmmakers from past fesitvals to distribute the content selected at the fesitivals
      2. exhibition agreement between BLFF/Vital and Filmmakers to be selected in 2018 to distribute the content after the 2018 festival and in the future