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VR and Streaming Market Research

We are in this space with MyVitalTV App and Igloovision Distributorship

Apple acquires VR broadcast company.

Roku Market Outlook - COVID-19 could create long term view habit changes in USA.

Operational Updates:

  • We have submitted our full funding request for Series A and B capital investment to Up Commuity Fund and JumpStart Inc. totalling $4,801,000 over the next 6 months.
  • UPCF is conducting its underwiritng process first and JumpStart Inc. will provide Series B capital once the "relocation" capital for Vital I-Net Services and Vital-Ohio is closed and funded.
  • We have satisfied the Elite/Program documentation requirements and will be participating in a webinar on Monday.
  • We are waiting on final comments on the Agile Networks Wholesale Services Agreement for Multi-Unit and Commercial service order pricing.
  • Upon signing the Agile agreement the next step is the assignment of the City of Canton DXP and VTAP projects to complete the build-out the fiber network and Wireless Internet Services throughout the City.
  • Once that is finalized we will sign the deal and then sign our business to business Channel Partner marketing agreement with TCG Partners.
  • We have designed an "outbound" marketing program for all of our products and service with our mentor Spectrum Reach to promote and advertise TheVitalPortal and MyVitalTV.
  • We have prepared and delivered "Deal memos" for presentation to DCP Entertainment, Toure, NewUrbanJazz, Vinx, Cosmetic Answers, Transworld Advisors, Atlas Business Solutions, and Igloovision
  • Starlight Capital of Houston, Texas, recently contacted us regarding our progress. They have been following us for several years, and we are close to meeting their potential investment criteria. Starlight Capital is an appropriate Series B funding source of capital for additional software development of our proprietary code to create a unique user experience.


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