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Business Process

Vital - Up Community Fund Business Process

Vital sources deals for the fund. Here is their web site: Up Community Fund

Your business relationship is with Vital.

Potential Borrower Profile and Use of Funds

Loan Guidelines

  • Loan Amount: $250,000 to $1.2 million 

  • Loan Term: Up to 3 years

  • Loan Approval Process: Approximately 30 days after submission of due diligence package


Minimum Requirements

  • At least 1 year in business

  • Annual sales of $300,000

  • Main business location - Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, St. Louis Metro

Use of Loan Funds

  • Growth capital

  • General working capital

  • Inventory, equipment, or fixed assets

  • Refinance or consolidate debt

  • Other

Now that I have my foot (as opposed to my big toe) back in the water, here are my recommendations for the business process of generating leads that minimize the brain damage for the UPCF underwriting team. The goal is to give UPCF sufficient information to provide a quick no or a thoughtful yes. 

Everyone please review and comment.

Here is the business process:

  1. Alphonso, Oliver, Rodney, Paul identify the potential borrowers for UPCF.
  2. The  message board has a "category" called UPCF Agent Folder , click on the name of the folder then you will see your individual fodlers.
  3. You will use the message board above to register your deals. Each of you have a folder with your name on it. Please provide the following information in the message about the company and the point of contact.
    1. Name of the Point of contact.
    2. Telephone number
    3. E mail
    4. Physical address
    5. Name of the company
    6. Number of years in business
    7. Previous year annual receipts
  4. The next step is the delivery of the confidentiality agreement. Download the confidentiality agreement using this  link.
  5. Once the confidentiality agreement is signed by both parties the investment profile questions and financial snap shot are delivered to the potential borrower.
    1. The initial investment profile questions are on the Invetment Profile Spreadsheet.
  6. If the potential borrower is interested they must complete the one page investment profile and financial snap shot.
    1. Investment Profile Spreadsheet Link.
    2. Financial Statement Preparation and Submission Stipulations: (Recommendations)
      1. Must have professional bookkeeper on staff and technical assistance relationship via SBDC.
      2. Or CPA prepared financials statements
      3. and cash  management relationship with a UPCF approved bank, i.e. sweep account for revenue collection.
    3. We recommend the above items be included in all loan documents.
  7. Upon completion Alphonso will upload the initial profile documents and any due diligence documents as requested by UPCF. The link to the web site  is live. It is not a public web site.
    1. The only people with access to this site are the UPCF representatives and Alphonso  Whitfield.  Thus any problems encountered are directed to me.
  8. Communications between Alphonso, Oliver, Rodney and Paul will occur in the Message Board above.
    1. This is where we discuss and determine which deals have met the initial criteria required by UPCF.
    2.  There is no compromise on the document submission requirements of UPCF.
  9. If the fund wants to move forward they will say so in writing
  10. Oliver, Rodney and Paul our activities are limited to coordination of communications between the fund and the borrower only after the investment profile and the financial snap shot are delivered and reviewed with a favorable response.
  11. Technical assistance relationships are approved on a case by case basis by UPCF.
  12. Our job is to filter/limit the communications and collect the documents.
  13. We will not send the documents required on the due diligence checklist until all of the documents have been compiled and match those requested.
  14. Once the compilation of due diligence document request is complete and delivered to the fund, then you can set up interviews (face to face and Virtual) with the fund underwriters as instructed.


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  1. Your compensation $50 draw per month against commission 
  2. Commission 0.5% of gross loan proceeds.