Our 20 Year Journey

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Twenty years ago, I decided to build the tech infrastructure to deliver news and information from a platform that Vital Portal operates our own Internet network. We are a Tier-2 Internet and Streaming Service Provider. Our products and services are delivered to your home and business Wired and Wirelessly from head ends and antennas we own. We aspire to be a Tier-1 provider. We have failed many times, but each failure provided the fertilizer for achieving our next task. 

We build our proprietary data center and customer premise equipment. Vital Portal is a USA-based Original Equipment Manufacturer and Reseller. Our Vital Community Telecommunications Association (VCTA) is our For-Profit Public Benefit Entity. The primary objective of VCTA, deliver a professional community-based program to recruit and sustain technical staff, code developers, and content creators and producers. 

After graduating from Morehouse College, my first real professional job was working for a Registered Investment Advisor that syndicated cable television and movie distribution limited partnerships. 

I took copious notes during my 8-year tenure. MyVitalTV curates and distributes news and information from trusted, fact-based sources. MyVitalTV will engage Editorial content publishers with expansive views and perspectives that are fact-based and not created out of thin air. The Editorial content distribution is on a network separate from news and information content. We have a platform capable of sharing hundreds of our licensed and proprietary Sports and Entertainment content channels. We believe news and information, editorial, sports, and entertainment should not be mashed up. That content must not float between deliberately blurred lines of communication to the public at large. 

We have survived the acquisitions of three infrastructure service providers that promised the world but only gave us Arpege. We survived the dissolution of an international consulting firm that was our original path to capital markets due to Brexit. We have survived COVID-19 so far. We have survived financing challenges. We consummated relationships that allow us to fund the products and services with sources aligned with our agendas for Consumers and Commercial customers. 

We have many more tasks to complete before opening our first Vital Edge Data services location. 

But We Ready, Y’all. We’re not done yet.

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